Monday, December 16, 2013

Before I actually had a son: shopping edition

On this weeks Mondays Musings I was thinking about shopping for my son vs my daughters.  I just finished buying the kids' Christmas outfits. Before I actually had a son (I had 3 daughters) I said, "Wow, girls sure break the bank.  There are so many cute outfits, bows and shoes to buy".  Ha ha ha.  Here is the scenario post boy.

Shopping for a coming home outfit-
For a girl: this one is so cute, oh but this one is cute too.  Hmm, do I want to go with an outfit or a dress.
For a boy: Why does everything for boys have cars, trucks, trains or balls on it.  Even dress clothes.  Why can't there just be something plain and cute?

Shopping for baby clothes-
For a girl: there's so much cute stuff on clearance 
For a boy:  it all looks the same but at least there's a bunch on clearance

Shopping for a baptism outfit-
For a girl: do I want eyelet, lace, beaded, smocked, classic
For a boy: Do they all really have to have a vest or now tie? Ugh

Shopping for an outfit to go to a wedding-
For a girl: look at all these cute dresses on the clearance rack after Easter.  I guess they were too dressy for Easter but are perfect for the wedding.  On clearance for $13?  That's awesome.
For a boy: I can't believe the entire mall had nothing.  I finally found something at Strasburg for $60.

Leisurely shopping at the mall:
For a girl: wow, look at these cute dresses on clearance for $3.  Oh and there's a sweater on sale for $7.  These shoes are half price.
For a boy: OMG, they have a cute dress shirt, I know he doesn't need one but when he does they won't have one so I better get it now.  Oh but it's regular price at $30.  I better go against every cell in my body and pay full price because I know I won't ever find it again.

Shopping for Christmas outfits-
For a girl: look at these cute dresses on clearance for $15, they even come with matching doll dresses and they have all the girl's sizes.
For a boy: I've gone to every store and still can't find squat, I guess I'll settle on this sweater that isn't ugly but costs twice what the girls outfits cost.

Shopping for necessity- 
For a girl: Oh look, you outgrew those pants.  We'll pack those away and you can wear these bigger ones I found on clearance a couple months ago.
For a boy: Did you seriously rip a hole in your jeans again?  That's the 3rd pair this week, I guess I'll go and try and find you pants at the mall tomorrow (knowing they won't have a single sale, sigh).

Shopping appreciation-
For a girl: " I found a cute dress on clearance for you today."  "Mommy thank you, it's so cute, can I wear it to school tomorrow?"
For a boy: "I got you a new shirt at the mall today."  "Mom, that shirt is babyish.  Besides, my green shirt is comfy and my favorite (and stained and way too small)."

Now I eat my words.  I know that boys cost just as much, you just get 1/3 of the stuff for that price.

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