Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't count your chickens, err children...

On my hiatus I had left some posts written but not posted. Here's one from the spring, enjoy.

Before they're actually in their beds. Yep, hubby is out of town again. Thursday is our busy day this season. There are pros and cons to having a busy day. If you have a really busy day that means everything got squeezed into that one night. That usually means you get another night off. Right now I don't have to do anything on Tuesdays. The con is you could be somewhere for hours. Thursdays I have to drive to/from horseback riding, writer's club, football, soccer, and teen leaders. After being out from the time school gets out until 8pm we are so ready to crash.

My saving grace, allowing me to get things done in a timely fashion, is kids that fall asleep on the way home, in the car. Just like clockwork the babies fall asleep 5 minutes into the ride. Everything is working in my favor.

The other kids are arguing, as usual. I guess I should pay closer attention to their arguments. I start hearing mid argument. S: really?!, If you were that tough you'd be able to bite the top off your bottle. What does J do but try and prove his toughness. The screams wake up the babies as we pull into the neighborhood. Nosey B had to look, and then comment on the blood. Did I mention J takes after his dad and hates blood? Even bigger screams, these babies aren't going back to bed.

As we pull in the drive it seems like its all falling apart. Trying to get everyone out, trying to check Js mouth, and well aware that no one will be in bed by 8.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hopes and Dreams

This is not the post your expecting, it's not the hopes and dreams of
my future. It's not the hopes and dreams for my children's future.
Those are all such a short post, I simply want them to be happy,
healthy, and cared for.

Instead I want to talk about what every person hopes they never have
to do without and what they dream they had. Money is so many peoples'
answer to that and it seems so simple. What would you do with the
money? If you had more money would you spend more and need even more?
Would money buy you more time in your day? Would money slow time?

Obviously I couldn't do completely without money since my answer costs
money. Sustenance costs money too. The one luxury I hope to never do
without is a smartphone. I bet you weren't expecting that answer. I
thought about it when the new preliminary report came out, yet again,
saying cell phones can cause cancer.

My smartphone is #1 my way to keep in touch with family. #2 it runs
the family. You thought I ran the family,but without my phone I'd
have no idea where to run. My entire calendar is in my phone (and
backed up with google sync). I truly would forget dentist appointments,
field trips, soccer games and IEP meetings without my phone. I wouldn't
even be able to call and check the appointment times because we threw away
the phone books in favor or google.

Another study comes out
I find myself, instead of giving up my phone, contemplating the severity
of the situation. I mean, does it increase my risk 100 fold or just 2 fold?
Can I use it just a little or does it have to be none? Is it a treatable
cancer? Yes, I sit trying to justify even the small risk to myself and children
(who can drain an entire battery playing Temple Run or Police Chase). I spend
months pouring over IIHS and NHTSA reports before buying a car. I keep my kids
rear facing in carseats longer. We avoid artificial sweeteners and dyes.
Yet here I am justifying a cell phone. But, the truth is, I haven't seen
anyone without one so I can't be the only person out there justifying it
to myself or even just flat out ignoring it.

I'd give anything for more time in a day. More time on earth. More time
for my childrens', and my own, hopes and dreams. Ok, apparantly I mean, anything
but give up my cell phone.