Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Laundry

This Tuesday I'm playing laundry catchup, so can't do my crafting.  Oddly enough, the same day, a friend posts on Facebook stating that she really wanted a 2nd washer and dryer.  She didn't know how those of us with 4 or more kids could manage.  Another washer would do me no good.  After the initial load I can have a load ready every hour.  That barely gives me time to fold, put away and do other chores.  It wouldn't at all if my older kids didn't do their putting away themselves.  

What am I trying to say?  I've got no "how to" to doing laundry.  Kids folding, separating colors, and pinning socks together all takes too long.  I do 3 loads on an average day and can easily manage 6 if I need to catch up.  Who has time for all those "tricks".

To keep this a "tutorial", I will include a list of my stain removal arsenal at the end.  But, I wanted to start with my laundry detergent.  No, this is not a boring laundry detergent review.  This is some enjoyment for your laundry day (I hear some people have those, a day just for laundry).  

As I was doing laundry today I opened a bottle of new detergent.  Method brand.  Years ago when my son was small I tried a bunch of "natural" brands that didn't clean, until I found Charlie's soap.  I have been devout to Charlie's since.  But, with a new Trader Joes I ran in to check it out and they didn't carry Charlie's, so I grabbed their brand.  I liked it so it gave me the nerve to try a brand Publix carries, Method.

Ever since reading the Charlie's bottle, I've started reading my soaps for amusement.  Forget those silly "Caution:hot coffee " labels.  These organic cleaners have it going on. 

 So here's what they say;

Charlie's laundry soap: "Charlie's soap cleans all the way to the fiber leaving nothing but the good old-fashioned smell of clean.  If you want flowers, go pick some"

Charlie's all purpose spray: "Cleans everything from false teeth to Diesel engines.  Caution:  Do not spray directly on cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, ticks, termites, spiders, scorpions, wasps, or hornets.  In case of accidental exposure, rinse unlucky creatures with potable water for 15 minutes and contact your local Humane Society or qualified insect veterinarian for further instructions."

Method: "Made by people against dirty. (Registered trademark)  Recycle for good karma."

I know the Bugaboo stroller instructions were pretty cute too.  So what cute instructions or cautions have you read?

*Bonus, must have list for the laundry room:
Oxiclean Free (the blue pieces in regular can stain clothes if not fully dissolved in water so Free is needed for making pastes)
Baking soda
Hydrogen peroxide
Aerosol hairspray
Color catchers or Dye magnet (remember, I don't separate colors)
Goo gone
Dawn dish soap
Bleach (I didn't say this was an all natural list, sometimes only bleach will do)
Pet enzymatic cleaner
Charlie's pre treater