Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are you crazy?

Ok, I have gotten the typical comments when I go out with 6 kids. I get the ones that I would say, you never really think of as comments.  I guess you do though, because people usually use the same line.  "You've got your hands full". "You must be busy". Everyone always wants to know their ages. I guess maybe they want to see if they're "stairstepped". 

Occasionally you get Supermom references or the nosey questions about if you are done. I am surprised I do not get asked more often if they are all mine. I hear that's a common one, but since mine look cloned maybe I am immune to that. I did once nosily get asked if they all had the same father (they weren't with me at the time). I have also been asked if I am catholic and if I have a TV in my bedroom.  I am and I do, and your point is?

I have never actually gotten the first comment I would have thought of before I had 6 kids. "Are you crazy?". I have gotten implications of it though. You can tell from the inflection, when people say "that's great", that they really mean "better you than me". Or the southern comment "bless your heart" which the most polite translation pretty much can mean "you're crazy".

Today though I must have met someone who is a bit impulsive. They blurted out "are you crazy?" before they could stop themself. They did immediately apologize but they were being honest.  I have answered most of the other questions in another post way back when. Or at least I think I did, my memory is shot. Am I crazy? I absolutely am, sometimes. I am not crazy for having 6 kids. I love them all and they each bring something different to the family. As I tell my hubby when he asks if he's crazy, "which ones would you like to give back?". 

I am crazy because I have 6 kids. Dd you notice the difference?  I am not crazy for having them, they are what makes me crazy.  Yes, taking 6 kids to mass Sunday morning sometimes goes smoothly. Even when it does it is just controlled chaos. Loading 6 kids into a van is like loading a clown car. Packing stuff to take 6 kids swimming easily compares to packing for a vacation for a family of 4. A stockpile for a family of 4 feeds
my family for 2 weeks. Placing an order for 8 people through the drive thru is asking for a mistake. If none of that would drive you crazy, I even take them all to Chuck E Cheese.

Just so you know, I like being crazy, crazy is unique.  I don't like being bored.  Or maybe I'm just weird.  I wonder if that makes me "cool".  I mean my teen does have a flair on her wall that says "weird is the new normal" and a T shirt that says "if you think I'm crazy you should see my friends".  It sure sounds like being normal is "out".

Blog backup

Well, in the attempt to remove my email signature from the bottom of my blog posts I had my blog set to save any emailed blog posts.  I could then sign in and edit them then post them.  It was working out great until my computer got a virus.  My hubby's computer is work's so he doesn't share so that left me sharing with the kids.  We all know how great kids are about sharing.  Needless to say, I was sending plenty of blog posts but not posting many blog posts.  Yes, my hubby is a "computer man".  However, simple troubleshooting stuff he HATES.  That is not what he does day to day, he hasn't done that majoritively in a long time.  He can do it but will avoid it at all costs.  After several weeks he finally rescued all the important stuff (mainly pictures) off the computer.  Luckily, my computer is a Dell, so after he rescued everything from it we just restored it.  Once he sets the internet back up on it I will be good to go. 

In the meantime Baby L no longer nurses at the computer.  She is also down to 1 nap a day.  That leaves not much computer time for me.  I will be trying to get these posts up.  As you read them though, some may seem older, now you know why.