Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blog backup

Well, in the attempt to remove my email signature from the bottom of my blog posts I had my blog set to save any emailed blog posts.  I could then sign in and edit them then post them.  It was working out great until my computer got a virus.  My hubby's computer is work's so he doesn't share so that left me sharing with the kids.  We all know how great kids are about sharing.  Needless to say, I was sending plenty of blog posts but not posting many blog posts.  Yes, my hubby is a "computer man".  However, simple troubleshooting stuff he HATES.  That is not what he does day to day, he hasn't done that majoritively in a long time.  He can do it but will avoid it at all costs.  After several weeks he finally rescued all the important stuff (mainly pictures) off the computer.  Luckily, my computer is a Dell, so after he rescued everything from it we just restored it.  Once he sets the internet back up on it I will be good to go. 

In the meantime Baby L no longer nurses at the computer.  She is also down to 1 nap a day.  That leaves not much computer time for me.  I will be trying to get these posts up.  As you read them though, some may seem older, now you know why.

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