Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Facebooking It

Well, I have another new post in the works and many more from the vault to post.  But today I wanted to make it easier for those that find Facebook easier than email.  Now you can follow "that" mom on Facebook.  That way you can get notifications of new posts right on your wall.  Plus you can "share" the posts with your friends.  This will not be a very active page, it will have no more than 1 post per day.  If I don't have a blogpost that day I might post a little blip about an adventure of the day but I won't post one on the same day as a blog share.  I want to make it easier, not clutter up your wall.  This also makes it easier for y'all to interact with me too.  If you have a question, want some tips, or curious about my opinion on something you can post it to my wall.  I will never use your name in my blog posts but I may use the topic.  This also allows those businesses a place to go.  There has been some interest in participating in giveaways and you can now contact me through Facebook.  Because of Facebook rules all the giveaways will still be hosted on the blog.  Businesses can also contact me through Facebook if they are looking to sponsor a review.

This will also serve as my "Wordless Wednesday", just check out the profile pic of the page on Facebook. 

Want to join us, just click here -------> I'm That Mom 

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