Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mondays <motivational> musings, on a Tuesday

Well, yesterday I had blogger app issues so last nights musing is being posted today. It's a good thing because I don't have time for a tutorial today.

So, my own husband was the one who would throw the pity party every time he had to travel. "I feel bad leaving you home alone". And my response would be "well, I figure all these projects are just job security". Then we had the flu this season, not one strain, but both (months apart). We also had ear infections, sinus infections, repeated croup, bronchitis, and strep throat (complete with vomiting). Did I mention I was battling chronic headaches through all this? I didn't become pessimistic, but that optimism deflated a good bit.

Tonight though, Baby L can't seem to fall asleep. Usually I leave then and come back to find her settled down or asleep, but sometimes she's just restless and when I leave she cries. Like tonight. When hubby's home he takes a turn then and she usually falls asleep. Tonight I'm doing it alone. I got a text a while ago that he's now in Atlanta, that perked me up, as usual. Somewhere in my brain, the idea that he's now only a few hours drive makes everything better. If all the airports closed or some other disaster happened, he's close enough to drive. And then I sat and sat and sat some more, waiting for this toddler to settle down and I started to get restless again. I'm trying to distract myself with Facebook and came across this story. What a wonderful example of the power of positive thinking. And it's so personally fitting, reminding me of my own optimism.


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