Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to pack for 6 kids

First dig out 6 suitcases because, even if you'll only be gone for a weekend, no one will share and everyone has to have "theirs".

Instruct bigger kids on what to pack.  Find the bag your preschoolers packed every last article of their clothing in yesterday.  Tell the middle kids to wait their turn.  Pack the smaller kids bags.  Answer bigger kids questions because they apparently didn't listen to the instructions.  Remove all the extra stuff the smaller kids added.  Start helping the middle kids pack.  Ask the, now supposedly finished, big kids if they packed pajamas.  Send them back to pack some more.  Repack the smaller kids.  Teach the middle kids to pack themselves.  Chase the smaller kids away from the suitcases.  Negotiate suitcase size with the bigger kids.  Finish the middle kids.  Chase the smaller kid running away from you with their suitcase.  Negotiate appropriate number of stuffed animals with the girls.  Clean out the van that you cleaned out yesterday.  Put 4 suitcases in the van.  Find the smaller kids playing hide and seek with their suitcases.  Feel accomplished that all 7 suitcases fit in the van.  Remember your husband hasn't even packed yet.

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