Friday, November 27, 2015

How I failed at Christmas before it even started

The elf made me do it!  If you aren't familiar with our rocky start, read this post
2nd impressions aren't much better.

The kids a couple weeks ago: Rosie will be back soon.
Me: Rosie, who? I don't know what you're talking about.
Kids: you know, our elf, her name is Rosie
My thoughts: crud, I forgot we even had that dang thing
More thoughts: at least she doesn't have to come back until December, or at least advent

Lalala forward to this morning, NOT Advent.

Kids: mommy, we can't find Rosie anywhere.
Me: huh, what do you mean?
Kids: Rosie, our elf, we can't find her.
Me: but it's not even December, why would she be back
Kids: the elf on the parade yesterday said all the elves would be back today
Me: are you sure you looked everywhere? We have a big house, I lose your sister in it all the time and she's much bigger than an elf

<sweating nervously> fast forward to nap time
Can you spot the elf?  She's watching my bedroom door for kids that like to come in while I'm trying to put baby brother to nap even though I told them 3,563 times not to.  L5 confessed to the other kids that she saw her there earlier so knew she was there all day.  Oh really?

Moral of the story?  Spend some family time watching the parade with your kids

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