Saturday, June 18, 2011

We've all had them

You all know what I am talking about, one of "those" days. Now
"those" days could mean a lot of things. It doesn't usually mean one
of "those great" days. But it could mean a terrible day, a blah day,
a stressful day, a gross day, a sad day...something that could fall
into the realm of "bad".

Today didn't start out too badly. Even though I ran around all day
yesterday, including taking 7 kids, (by myself) out to dinner and to
S6s tennis practice, I had a much better than average sleep last
night. Because I got some decent sleep last night, I started the day
at 7:30. After looking for where I stuck J4s Tball uniform I got S6
dressed and to Cheer Camp. I got everyone else ready and to Tball
then back to Cheer Camp to watch the performance.

You could say that we were the 1st performance. After an hour
watching Tball A2 was restless and L was sleeping. I was afraid A2
would be all over so I tied her on my back. I hoped L would sleep or
rest a few more minutes before. The performance so I tied her on my
front. We definitely got a few stares and comments as we were waiting
to go in. "She has 2 babies" even if one is nearly a preschooler.
"You could probably fit 2 on each side too" and I even have 2 more I
could use, though not sure I want to carry a total of 130 lbs around.

We made it through that too. I even took one of the kids to get new
shoes and pick up a gift. I brought the kids a treat home from the
bakery and a pizza dinner. B11 seems to be having some mood swings
again but we'll see. Basically all of that is a fairly typical day,
it seems typical or average. If you consider that we managed to get
shoes at the 1st store. Plus, the pair they ended up having in her
size, that she liked (her criteria being that they don't squish her
anywhere and they match her shoe poms), turned out to be on clearance,
I'd call it a success even.

It's just that days like this, though successful and not "bad" can
still be tiring. You want to sit around and do nothing the rest of
the day. Especially after having an early dinner and being quite
full. Lots of chores are calling though.

Now if I could get some cleaning done. I've got the kids doing a 15
minute tidy so I'll get started on the laundry. It was seeming like
such a productive day. Things were calm, too calm.

The toddler was doing something she shouldn't have been. I had
checked on her and she was quietly playing legos. I could hear and
occasionally see her across the hall. How she managed to do
it...toddlers. Yep, she did THAT on the carpet. So I put her on the
toilet to sit while I looked for where. Not finding where, I went
back to her. Even a 1st time mom knows you don't leave a toddler in
the bathroom. Yep, my bathroom was now flooded with, let's just say,
"not fresh" water.

After I tossed down some towels I attended to her. I am sure you can
guess as to how I knew she had when I couldn't find where. In the tub
she went, to be hosed off (parents of toddlers "need" handheld
showerheads). Then she got to sit in fresh water while I collected
all the towels, wiped, and collected more.

The good news is, I found it.

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  1. OH DEAR! I remember THOSE days and I only was brave enough for a single child. I hope that today (Father's Day) goes AWESOME!

  2. Oh wow, tough day. I'm usually exhausted by 8 pm.
    I left my toddler in the bathroom and found the roll of toilet paper unrolled....