Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Saturday

It is early, 7:23 am to be exact.  Yes, I know that isn't particularly early.  It is a Saturday though, don't people sleep in on Saturday?  Even though I have 6 kids I do sleep in on Saturday.  Of course, "sleeping in" may have different standards than others.  I usually get up at 6:30 am so 7:30 am is sleeping in.  L usually sleeps in too, we sleep in together.  The other kids are old enough to walk downstairs and turn on the TV.  If L wakes up she is old enough to walk downstairs and watch TV with older siblings.

So, why am I up before 7:30am on a Saturday?  Nope, it isn't even for anything exciting.  Usually S is the first one up so she opens the gate, goes downstairs and turns on the TV.  Today A beat her to the gate.  A cannot open the gate so A screams.  Does S open the gate?  No, she instead tries to find out what is wrong.  A screams again.  Did I mention that A usually sleeps in too?  Soon I am awake.  If A is awake it must be at least 7:30am.  But I can't be sure because my phone died in the night.  My phone charger died too so I can't even plug it in without borrowing a charger from the husband or kids.  I guess I'll get up.

It is freezing, why is it so cold?  I go downstairs and check the thermostat.  That is when I get the double bad news.  It is 6:40 am and it is 66 degrees in our house.  Yesterday it warmed up enough to switch to the a/c but I forgot to turn it back to heat before bed.  I turn the heat to 72 then go cuddle the kids in a blanket on the sofa watching TV.  I walk to get myself a blanket and the lights flicker.  The power had gone off then on again.  This resets everything. 

So here I sit, way too early in the morning, waiting for the heat to turn back on from "wait", the cable box to reboot, and someone to wake up and take pity on me.

The great thing about mornings like this is that you know the day can only get better.

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