Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Powerball

So, there were actually winners last night, but only 2.  That earns them, payout option of around $190 million EACH.  Even after tax that's close to $100 million.  Now I wonder who really needs that much money.  On paper can you even spend that much money?  Could you decide what you could spend every cent of that on?  I'm a numbers person.  I love

But $100 million dollars isn't exactly donate 10%, pay off your cars, house and student loans change.  If I did that and paid for all 6 kids college I'd still have over $89 million left.  Even if I toss in houses, cars and college for all the immediate relatives I'm still above $88 million.  14 day Disney Cruise for 25 doesn't even dent it.  I like my pretty new van but a big extended cab pickup for hubby.  Maybe a bigger house.  Yeah, not even close to spending 3/4 of it.

As you drive around town or listen to the radio it hits you what can really be done with that much money.  That half built church on the corner, I wonder what it would cost to finish it?  A gym for my own church?  Sponsor the next 10 years of VBS at the local church we enjoyed doing this past summer.  I wonder how much it would be to pay off all the layaways at my local Walmart?  I wonder how much it would be to start a charity that sponsors people who need money for ABA for their Autistic child.  Or even just the $1000+ it can cost to have a child privately evaluated for Autism.  Scholarships for moms who don't qualify for financial aid, to go back to college.  I wonder how many "drive thru differences" I could make?  Wouldn't it be fun to just start a TV show where you go around making a person's wish come true?

Even just living expenses.  If I invested just half of it in a safe, low yield investment like a CD I could live off the interest alone and I'd be living way above my current standard of living.

Or I could just blow it all on a $2 million house in each state.

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  1. I was talking about that with my friend yesterday. I wouldn't want all that money. Yes it would be nice to get out of debt and have a little cushion for retirement. But I am not even going there to think about who will all come out of the bushes and claim me as their long lost relative. So, I didn't play.