Tuesday, May 10, 2011

husband vs wife, shopping edition

I know this is kind of old but it's one of the posts I put on hold for the Mother's Day post.  So I am editing it up today.

I suppose we could have also titled this post "no we're not expecting again". It has been 9 months since the baby was born so people seem to think that the purchase of a bigger vehicle means there is another on the way. It probably doesn't help that I was pregnant right at the previous child's 1st birthday with 2 of my kids. Both of my sisters' have been pregnant when the baby was 9 months old. Again, I am not expecting another though.

What really has happened is husband vs wife in shopping styles. We have been thinking about getting this vehicle for the last 18 months.  We have been shopping for this vehicle for at least a year. I just like to look, shop, get it over with. He doesn't like to spend money.  When he spends money he tends to like to get the best possible, so spend more than I would have. If he is spending this kind of money he wants to do his homework. The amount of research he has done has made my head spin.

Then there is the indecision. What size do we really need? What options do we really need? I am easy to please, I'll take anything bigger than what I have. The only option that's a must for me is rear a/c. Since we didn't want to spend a small fortune we wanted to buy used. He wanted a late model with low miles. I just wanted to make sure it was new enough that all the seats had shoulder belts. You find one and he thinks he might prefer to have a certain option. He finds one with that option but it doesn't have low enough miles. He has to weigh which is more important.

Then of course there is location. It isn't like big vans appear on every street corner. We waited too long on the ones that were close last year. Now there haven't been any nearby with low miles. We ended up having to drive for it. I didn't care how far we had to drive for a deal, he was willing to pay more to drive less. 

It happens that way with everything. I'll spend money more often but I will look for low prices. He doesn't spend money often but when he does he either has to buy a lot (clothes) or get the best (tools, equipment, electronics, etc).

We even have different ideas of eating out. I have the kids more so I know what it costs to feed them. He eats out when he travels alone so is used to just him (and someone else paying). Eating out with kids, to me, is Cici's, Burger King, etc. His idea of eating out is Olive Garden, Outback, etc. Then he gets the bill and wants to know why it costs $80 to eat out.  After that he never wants to go out to eat again.

It makes me wonder if it is just a difference between men and woman or if it's just our personalities.  They say opposites attract, except you'd never guess we were opposites.  We are so much alike.  We are alike in everything except for anything that requires a decision.  It's a wonder how we don't argue that much.  I guess it's because he is a highly effective person at diplomatics.  Well, there's that and when he isn't set on having his way he is also great at saying "yes, dear".

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