Tuesday, September 13, 2011

21 days in a cast

E broke each arm, one at 4 and one at 8.  It's been quite a few years since then.  We have had broken pinky fingers and broken toes.  We haven't had a cast in nearly 7 years.  The "fun" things that come to mind when you think about a cast are things like itchiness where you can't scratch it, the inability to really wash your arm (or hand), and having to avoid swimming, etc.  The # one, best part, of a cast is signing it.  J broke his arm right above his elbow.  After lots of crying, xrays and a cast, here are the 3 weeks we enjoyed in the cast.

T minus 2 days- "J, your arm doesn't hurt because of the medicine. If
you keep using it to climb the playplace it's gonna hurt more when the
medicine wears off"
T minus 1 day- "J, if you lean on that (toy) car and slip your not going to
be able to catch yourself on your splint. You're gonna fall flat on
your face"
C day- "no, you cannot jump on the trampoline in your cast"
Then the big kids come home from school and there is much commotion grabbing for markers and paint pens to sign his cast.  It's OK, he's fine, thanks for asking.
Day 2- "no, you cannot skateboard in a cast"
Day 4- "You left him alone by the water with his cast!"
Day 5- "You can't ride a 2 wheeler with a cast Dear"
Day 6- "You should not be doing somersaults with your cast"
Day 7- "No rock climbing"

And so the days replayed.  No, you cannot go on the trampoline, even if you promise not to jump.  Though, eventually he stopped asking and it became quite difficult to chase him every second.  Despite being right handed (the arm in the full cast) he figured out how to do everything from ride a scooter, play basketball, to writing, cutting, etc with a cast.  He did fail at riding a 2 wheeler, but he couldn't ride one before the cast.  He did even rock climb at the park with it.  Siblings were yelled at, more than a couple times, for playing with the hose or water guns next to him (or at him).  Soccer season and swim lessons were abandoned.

The big day of removal came.  I asked him what he would do when he got his cast off, his answer was "go swimming".  What was it he actually did when he got his cast off?  Sucked on his finger, I guess 23 days, without it, didn't break him of the habit.  We will be going swimming this weekend though.  The doctor has said that the bone is already growing there and it is healed enough to remove the cast.  They like to keep small guys in casts as little as possible to prevent muscle atrophy.  He just needs to take it easy for the next month.  If he falls on it, he could rebreak it, maybe worse.  Just be careful and take it easy for a while.  I wonder if this is the first 4 year old boy he's ever met?
Hanging out after the big removal,
waiting for the xray results
pretending to take a nap

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