Monday, September 5, 2011

What I've Read: The Oak Leaves

I just finished, The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang.  I don't expect much from a book that is "free" (for Kindle).  This book had a print version though so I thought it could very well be a good book.  I download books when I see them free because not all stay free.  This one though, is still free (as of today) if you want to nab it quickly The Oak Leaves.  I finished all my books I had purchased on my Kindle app and, though many of the samples sounded good, I didn't have any spending money left this paycheck.  Instead of checking the library's digital collection I decided to try one of the free books I had downloaded.

I am not great at writing book reviews because I don't want to give anything away.  That means this review will be short.  I want to say this book was a book I consider "can't put it down".  That means that at 10 pm at night (when my bedtime is 9 pm) I have my eyes propped open trying to see what happens next.  The reason I say I "want" to say that is that it is the truth but I am also easy to please and love books so 75% of fiction books I read fall into that category.  I still consider this a good book that I recommend though.

This book appealed to me in so many ways.  It has a dual setting, modern and historical times and yet blends so well.  This is a religious, Christian book but it isn't all about religion.  The characters show a wonderful reliance on prayer and faith.  There is great classic romance without anything inappropriate, I would feel fine allowing my teen to read this.  It also deals with all the aspects of having a child or relative with special needs.  "You can't chose your relatives" doesn't just apply to those with special needs.  It even touches on genetics.  In a surprise twist, there is even a "bad guy".  It really is a book you'll "need" to know what happens next.

I would most certainly have purchased this book in paperback to read.  Having gotten it for free makes it all the better though.

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