Friday, September 2, 2011

And then they grow up

The more kids you have the greater the statistical chance of so many things.  The greater the chance that someone will be having a bad day.  The higher the chance someone will be sick.  The more often those bittersweet moments happen.  I play the proud but sad mommy as I watch my babies grow.

Last year my oldest started high school my 3rd started school (Kindergarten). As the year came to a close
they both had very successful 1st years in their "new" schools. #2 and #4 added with their own growth at the end of the year. #2 "graduated" elementary school. #4 was accepted into a 4K for next year so he can work on his speech delay.

The summer wasn't much better, as I was barely recovered from all that we started the next adventure in growth. As my 3rd spent her 1st week in a day camp. We celebrated my oldests birthday, baby Ls 1st birthday, then As birthday.  I had 4 old enough for swimming lessons.  My oldest got her driver's permit.  Then she went off to college again for a summer course.

School started this year with a bang.  S is excited to have real class in 1st grade.  B, though nervous, was excited about middle school and has been doing wonderfully.  Now she is hoping to be accepted onto the yearbook team.  E was really excited about the opening of a special center of study at her high school that she was accepted into.  She has had nothing but rave things to say about the center and is always excited about what they are doing. 

This week my baby boy started 4K.  He didn't even seem to be phased by it.  I barely got a hug out of him.  After his 1st day of school I asked him if he had fun.  I got a half groan.  What did you do at school?  Played, had snack, went on the playground.  That sounds fun.  What did you want to do?  Count to 100.  Apparantely he's ready to skip right by the Kindergartens.  That night he didn't even want me to sit with him while he fell asleep.  I have 1 mama's boy and he is growing up.

Yes, that means my baby is 1, walking, climbing and babbling a lot.  Her sister is officially preschool age and on her birthday kicked it off with her 1st "class" setting (swimming).  My baby boy is in school.  3 has "homework" and is reading everything.  2 is in middle school and moved up a level in horseback riding.  My 1st baby can now drive a car.  I now have kids at all 3 schools. 

People hear it being said that they "grow so fast". Even when you want to stop and enjoy it you get pulled into all that you have to do today. Just taking care of their needs takes up some of that precious time. You wash the dishes, wash the laundry, sweep the floor. Then you drive them to Tball and sit there and watch them, wondering how they got so big. Somewhere between even last weeks practice and this weeks they got so big. At the park you realize your little one is a preschooler, she no longer needs your help to climb up to the slide. So you let the baby off your back to play, just 2 minutes ago she was snuggled up on your back, now she's running off all by herself.  At home your tween borrows your shoes to run to a friends house.  Come bedtime your son doesn't even need you.  That night you give your daughter a hug goodnight and again wonder when she got taller than you.  Having a teen and a toddler, all in the same house, is a daily reminder to enjoy it because they really do grow up that fast.  I'll keep that in mind while I go change this dirty diaper.

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