Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking my age

I've had a great hide your age week (note the sarcasm). I'm so tired of more and more grays popping up, so I look older than hubby, who is older than I. I hadn't dyed my hair in a while because hubby wouldn't let me when I was pregnant. So I decide to buy some dye while at Target. I'm way too cheap to pay someone to do my hair, besides, who has time.

I heard Feria was a good brand. I've tried many brands. The Fat Foam was the easiest, cheap, and had great color but didn't color grey well. So far the only that colors grey well are the ones specifically for grey, and they don't have as good a color selection.

Target had some Feria on clearance. It even had a color I'd chose, Golden Light Brown. So I stand there holding my hair up to the "if your current hair color is...your color will be ...". That looks close to my current color, but nicer, so I get it.

After dying I realize that "golden" to me and "golden" to Feria are two VERY different things. What they call "golden" has a red tint to it. Hubby, on the other hand, just plain calls it "red...well actually its really an orange". Though it did do a decent job at covering the gray, still not as good as the "specifically for gray" brands. I am not sure if my lesson here is to beware of hair dye with vague descriptive words such as "golden". Or if the lesson is, don't buy hair dye on clearance. I'm positive its not, don't dye your own hair, leave it to the professionals. Because if that's the lesson, I didn't learn anything, I'm counting down the weeks before "I" dye it back to brown. Red is growing on me in the meantime.


  1. I quit dying several years ago. A cost I didn't need and Scott and I look more like we go together; before everyone was asking him if he had a daughter or how he kept up with someone SO MUCH younger than him. Now I'm just aging gracefully. Oh and mine always went to red no matter brand.

  2. I haven't colored mine in years. I'm lucky in that I don't have much gray...yet. I must take after my dad. :-)
    I especially don't want to put any chemicals in my hair. I lost so much of it with this Vitamin D deficiency and, although it quit falling out, it never came back. So, I want to hold on to what I have and am afraid of losing anymore!

  3. I usually choose a color with 'golden' and its not red on me.