Thursday, March 10, 2011

The road to creativity

One of my challenges to crochet is finding patterns. This wouldn't be a challenge if I could design my own. One of my challenges to designing my own is getting past the "I can't" hurdle. After I wanted my children to use a more natural hand sanitizer but they wanted Bath and Body works because you can get holders for theirs, I decided that something simple would be a good start to help get over that hurdle. So here is my creation. This hand sanitizer holding will loop on their purse, ID, belt loop, backpack, etc. It holds the spray hand sanitizer we get from the health food store. It was fairly simple. With crochet hook H (because that's what was handy) and a few yards of worsted weight yarn I did a chain 5. Join the chain to form a circle.  7 sc in the center of the circle.  SC around only in the front loop. I did not join, I then sc around until it measured about 3"-4". Slip stitch in next stitch. Then I chained about 8", connected that to a stitch about 1.5" down from the end. Sc in joining space. SC back around and down the chain. Sc in stitch next to stitch the chain was started on. Finish off and weave in ends. This was snug enough (as you see in pictures) that the hand sanitizer won't fall out. I used acrylic scraps. I made another using a fuzzy acrylic only that time I decided to try a chain 3 loop to start and that worked fine as well, just with nearly no hole in the bottom.  Cotton and wool have less stretch so may need to be made slightly bigger, increasing to 8 sc in joining loop. I will be making it fatter and shorter next, to fit the natural foaming hand sanitizers.

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