Thursday, March 17, 2011

Susie Homemaker becomes Susie Stay at Home Mom

And when she does, she should remember that

Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow...or the next day, or maybe it can be squeezed in next Wednesday

For babies grow the drive thru of Burger King, because even though we'd love to feed our kids a nice healthy, organic, gluten free, casein free, dye free, trans fat free diet they haven't opened up a drive thru Tofu King around here yet

we've learned to our sorrow...or there will be sorrow when they do grow up but we really don't have time for it right now

so quiet down cobwebs...though I'm pretty sure we don't have any of those because the dust bunnies ate them

dust go to problem there since noone's disturbing it

I'm rocking my baby...well babies actually and really I'm wearing not rocking because I'm getting chili into the crockpot, in between baking cookies for tonight's orchestra concert, since we'll be at horseback riding later and won't have time

and babies don't're right, they become toddlers instead who then make the mess, that requires the cleaning, that we talked about way back at the start.

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