Friday, April 15, 2011

"Bless Me Father For I Have Kids"...ain't that the truth

After reading Susie Lloyd's other book, Please Don't Drink the Holy Water! there was no question that I'd have to read Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids.  Susie is a Catholic, homeschooling mother to 5 daughters in the first book, 6 plus a son in the 2nd.  That does not mean the whole book is Catholic or the whole book is homeschooling.  If you are a mom you will find this book funny.  You only need 1 kid, not 7 to find this book funny.  Of course if you happen to have 5 daughters it may just be funnier knowing it (all of it) happens to someone else too.  However if religious references will upset you I wouldn't read it.  No, it is not ALL about being a catholic mom but there are references throughout most of the book, even when it's not the topic at hand (and there are only a few places it is the actual topic).

Every mom can relate (and if you can't consider yourself lucky) to the discussions on baby names.  If you still think the book may not apply to you because you only have 2 kids in your non Christian, suburban home where you go off to work each day, then just read the names of some of the chapters.  "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly" you'd think says it all but I was rolling on the floor when I actually read the chapter.  "The Perfect Family: a fairy tale" may have a few more players than your family does but everyone wants a glimpse into the bigger family.  "Don't poke the big cat" is not about what you think it's about (and you will relate to this one, and you don't need to have ever owned a pet).  "Of Birds and Bees" is what you think it's about but it won't make you blush.

I have to say that I probably laughed more in the first book because there wasn't a single sentence I didn't laugh through.  This one has a little more filler to it.  So if this is a great book (and it is) then the first must be outstanding.  It is an easy read for any mom because you can put it down (not that you'll want to), you don't have to follow along to a story line, and there is nothing to learn.  It is just a good hearted, light, quick read that will certainly cheer you up.  It will leave you feeling less alone no matter what your burden of the day is.

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