Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A week in Facebook

The question came up of what I do in a week.  It is true, currently we have 3 in Girl Scouts, 1 in dance, 2 in soccer, 3 in Catechism, 1 in horseback riding, plus after school activities (that just result in me picking her up from the school later).  Those things I just consider to be regular scheduled programming.  That's not what really happens.  It's the other stuff that happens in the week.  Since I have all my friends and relatives on Facebook, and I can easily post a quick update on the mobile app, I tend to do the extra stuff on there.  I thought it would be interesting to look back on my week though and see how I did.  Here is my week according to Facebook statuses (or is it status, dang I was blogging to improve my grammar and I'm stumped on this one, teachers?).


Though this did not happen on Sunday, that was the day I got the pictures uploaded to Facebook.  Yes, that is a toothpick, impaled in my teenagers toe, straight through.  What a way to enjoy the weekend.
‎2 carts later I can feed the kids this week and got $0.35 in fuelperks. I will learn to coupon this month — at BI-LO.
At 10:47 am I checked in at the grocery store.  Yes I spent $350 (you get $0.05 in fuel perks per $50 spent) to feed a family of 8, and we didn't need diapers and we don't use formula or commercial cleaners (the pricey stuff).  That would be why I need to learn to coupon.  I have since clipped the coupons and stored them, not to remember to use them.  That will be no small feat since I took 3 kids 4 and under with me on that grocery trip.  The good news is with fuel perks it brought my gas down to like $3.17 or so a gallon but I was only able to get 20 gallons (the max you can get with fuelperks, I have a 26 gallon tank)

looking for a infant/toddler toy you can put things in but is not a doll stroller, grocery cart, push cart, wagon, wheelbarrel, or bucket
At 1:57 pm I was apparently not done spending money because here I am shopping for toys

thank you to everyone who bid for Evan, I recognized a lot of names. from our hearts to yours hasn't announced an official total but my daughter came upstairs excitedly around 930 (before the last minute bidding) to tell me that current bids were over $3600. but more importantly there are over 700 "like"ers of the page thinking of and praying for Evan and his family, I hope that can be a small support to his family
At 9:27 I mobile posted the expected success of the benefit auction for a sweet little boy who passed away just as the auction was getting ready to start.

Rolling for Autism Awareness
At 5:10 I shared the event we would be participating in.  Bowling for Autism Awareness.

i see how the kids view me, J4 said he's the knight and I'm the big mean fire breathing dragon
At 5:14, well I guess the post says it all.  Baby must have been cranky that day because only 1 of these was done on mobile so that means I spent several posts sitting at the computer.

At 5:34 I even got a blog post finished and shared, yep I was definitely at the computer too much that afternoon.  Now that I think about it though, that was the afternoon hubby flew out of town for a 10 day business trip so who can blame me?

we appreciate all our community helpers. today we thank the man who pumps septic tanks
At 3:20 we were finished getting our septic pumped and since I have a son I got to watch the whole thing, fun

At 5:03 I posted pics of the kids at hoping to win a discount on their future haircuts.  Snip-its is pricey but we go for Facebook Fridays when there is a discount because the kids love getting a treat, bow, and nails done afterwards.

you must have to be accustomed to rush hour to drive in it b/c I'm ready to kill someone
At 8:01 am while completely stopped on the interstate I posted from mobile.  Luckily things started moving again quickly, though it was never a consistent speed and lots of people that should have taken driving lessons.  It was nothing compared to the tantrum I had to endure once we arrived at the psychiatrist appointment we were going to though.  Of course she chose the time I had to bring her (and the 3 littlest kids) to her appointment by myself to behave so poorly.  Usually if hubby will be out of town I reschedule her appointments but she really needed her medicine adjusted so I decided to take her myself.  Now that is exhausting.

sorry new jersians but the car in front of me just gave me a *great* impression of ya'll
At 7:41 I was not impressed with the out of towner in front of me in carpool line.  There are 2 lines that pretty much need to merge together in order to keep both lines moving.  The people in the primary line very nicely let 1 car each in front of them so it is like a well choreographed dance or shuffling of cards together.  The car watched a dozen cars in front of her do it only to about hit the car in front of him, he followed that closely, just to make sure me (or anyone else) didn't get a turn to go.  Then once she was out she speed off going about 50 through the school zone.  People like that are the ones who put these children at risk, for what, 30 extra seconds.  We all know about first impressions and the only thing I could see about her was her New Jersey license plate.  OK, I'll stop typing about it or I'll start to say not so nice things.

At 1:15 I posted a picture of my little princess who insists on wearing dresses or a tutu (or frequently 2 with the dress) every day now.  She also likes her sunglasses and pacifier upside down.
At 4:22 I posted pictures of the great playpen at the Y.  OK, it's really for some sort of extreme dodgeball?  Never seen it in use.  But if it weren't for the fact the big kids can climb out and the baby would eat the dirt, that sure would make a great playpen.

you should not watch the weather channel if your husband is near Tulsa, OK
At 9:22 there were tornados hitting OK and that's where hubby was on business.  We are very thankful none hit near him.  Our prayers go out to the families that were effected by the tornados in several states.

At 6:04 am, oh my goodness, what was I doing up so early?  Another effect of hubby traveling.  Anyway, I shared my link to Groupon, a group buying site I am totally addicted to since I have gotten memberships to museums at 50% off, kids play space admissions, food, etc

At 10:16 I managed to get another blog post done and shared, a review of a funny Catholic, homeschooling mommy written book

how many "why"s does it take to get to "because I said so"
At 1:10 J4 went from driving me crazy with "mommy mommy mommy mommy" to "why why why why why"

if you have a headache and have been running around for hours then you are bound to remember that you forgot to pick up the one thing you can't put off (the pharmacy) as soon as you pull in the driveway
At 2:33 I pulled in the driveway after having already run to the ATM, Walmart, and the school where I watched one's bunny parade then ate lunch with another.  Only to remember I forgot to run to the pharmacy to get my daughter's prescription and with only 1 pill left I had no choice but to pull right back out.  The kids were not happy that we pulled in the driveway but they weren't able to get out of the car.

according to J4 you don't don't don't bite your friends but you do do do bite your big sister, especially if she was super duper duper mean
At 7:59 PM J4 informed me of this when I reminded him we don't bite our friends, he wasn't too happy that I did not agree but S6 wasn't too happy to have been bitten (which is a very rare occurrence in our house).

That's it.  I am surprised there wasn't more about hubby being out of town.  Of how hard putting the kids to bed by myself was.  Not even any mention of me having trouble sleeping without him home or the rising early to get the kids to school.  Though I really don't like to complain so I guess that's why.  I am certainly happy to have him home though.  This week is a light week since it is spring break.  Next week will hit full force as we deal with end of the year IEP reviews, soccer tournaments, fundraisers, field trips, dance recitals and end of school stuff.

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