Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UFOs-Unfinished Objects

that's much better

fine, if you take away my binky so I will smile
 then I not only won't smile but I won't even look

Or in this case they've been duds.  It has been one of those months.  Lot's of crocheting to do, but lots of oops going on.

It started off well, I really wanted to try out one of the sling photography props.  It turned out so cute, but no pictures, at least not of my kids.  Baby L LOVED it when I finished it and was happy as could be but no extra hands to take pictures.  The next day I had extra hands and baby L wanted nothing to do with it (I think it messed with her ears because it turns out she had an ear infection).  It is now available in the auction at From Our Hearts to Yours , though my niece had to model it for the picture instead.

I then moved on to a crown.  I saw it on Ravelry and I couldn't resist, it was so cute and I thought would be perfect for a 1st birthday.  So far so good.  Except again my baby wouldn't cooperate.  The best picture I got doesn't even show it's a crown.  So again my niece is modeling it for the auction.

I really really wanted to do matching loafers for the crown so I started on the cutest pair I saw.  They would never stay on her feet so I didn't even do the match to the pair.  The next pattern I tried I could not for the life of me get the ankle to line up.  I was beginning to feel like I haven't been crocheting forever.  So I scrapped the loafers and ended up going with faux croc style sandals.

Auction items got put on hold while I whipped up an adorable summer hat and bootie set for a baby shower gift.  Luckily they turned out lovely.

Back at the auction I started having more issues with those knots I talked about.  A giant pile of yarn looked like a lot more than it actually was because it was such a mess.  So when I got 1/4 of the way through a Kindle cover I realised that I had nowhere near enough yarn.  That got unraveled and my daughter made it into cup cozies for the auction.

The last thing I ended up making was a water bottle holder and reusable bag set.  The water bottle holder was great because it fits disposable or my daughters big Kleen Kanteen or even the babies'.  The bag was so cute, a perfect small size with neat little handles.  Looks can certainly be deceiving.  I started to add produce and ran out.  My sister started adding produce, 6 apples, 6 oranges and some grapefruit and there was still room.  It turned out to be a cute big or little bag.

Now I am back to failing.  I tried to use up my pale pink yarn by crocheting a bunny hat for baby L but the ears turned out too stiff and I ended up with a plain, almost bucket like hat.  I just finished a hat like the one I made for the baby shower though, it was too cute not to have one for my own little girl.  Now I am going to try a pastel easter egg look hat, I just can't decide if I want a hat or bonnet.  Then if I manage to get all that done before Easter I will go back to the bunny.

I have plenty to keep me busy because I really want to use up some of this stash.  Itty Bitty Designs on Facebook shared the link to these free patterns today and they are all soooo cute I know I have to do a couple.

Now what to do with this pile of duds.

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