Monday, August 15, 2011

Half a Dozen

That's half a dozen months, not half a dozen kids.  It's been 6 months since I started blogging.  I have not done daily blogs, though I'm not sure you'd want to read daily blogs anyway.  We do have some boring days in our life.  What I have done is a total of 66 posts, that averages to 11 posts a month.  That's not to bad, I think, at least 4 a month is a good goal to aim for as I continue.  I've also gotten 24 followers.  Also not bad since I didn't expect any.  I was a little surprised by this next number, I've had nearly 6000 pageviews on my blog.  I'm even almost caught up.  I only have 5 unpublished posts left to add.

I will have to wait until the 1 year mark to do some sort of contest.  I still haven't finished my last contest item.  You probably remember the post about taking kids to the store.  Yet, there are some things I still am stuck on buying in person.  Mostly that is yarn and shoes.  Since I have gotten over my need to buy all my fabric in person, maybe this will help me get over my fear of ordering yarn.  None of the stores I went to had the yarn I needed, in the color and quantity I needed, so I had to order it.  Of course, it took several store trips until I was convinced of this.  In other words, I didn't order it right away.  I am hoping to be done soon though and be able to share.

Here's hoping I'll still be around in 6 months to do another giveaway.  Now to figure out what it will be.  Continue to watch for the rest of my catching up posts.  Maybe, if I am lucky, I can get E to do some personalized graphics for the blog.  Today though, I have to go finish the skirt set I am making for S to wear back to school this week.

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  1. To celebrate your six months, I have something for you at my blog! :-)