Thursday, August 11, 2011

These kids slay me

Every day this week I've overheard hilarious conversations between S and J. My memory is shot and hours later I've forgotten the topic of conversation much less the details.  This time I'm gonna write it down. Here you go, overheard from little ones this evening.

S: Did you get to pick?
Me: what?
S: Did you want a girl baby?
Me: no, you don't pick
S: I want a boy
Me: you don't get to pick
S: when daddy's gone Js the only boy
Me: J doesn't mind. J, you don't care if your the only boy, do you?
J: I'm a man
S: you're not a man
J: when daddy's gone I'm a man
S: daddy's fat
J: <not sure exactly what he said>
S: daddy has a big belly

I'm pretty sure the end of that was said in the context of, "you can't be daddy because daddy has a big belly" and, well, J has no belly (not that hubby has a huge belly either).  I'm sure hubby will love to hear this one.