Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I stayed at home

There is always a bright side to things. Maybe in a few days, when the kids are more restless, I will not feel so optimistic. For now, I am certainly seeing the bright side to 2 things; back to school and a broken bone.  Today was a productive day. Everything fell into place. It didn't start that way. When I called the orthopedist at 8 am I sat on hold for 3 minutes before being told they were still on the service so I'd have to call back. Several minutes later things were looking up. No long hold time and J could be seen in 40 minutes. The day wouldn't be a waste. I wouldn't have to wait until afternoon when they're already hours behind.

40 minutes later we walk into a crowded waiting room. It takes quite some time just to receive the papers to fill out. Filling them out takes time too. The kids are getting restless. Maybe my day is turning sour.  I was expecting to wait hours anyway so it's not like I made plans.  However, several minutes later, shortly after I finish the forms, we are taken right back. In only about an hours time we've waited, filled out papers, been casted, xrayed, made our next appointment and are in our car to leave.

Since I expected a longer wait, the kids are back in school, and there's not much to do in this hot weather in a cast, there are no more plans for the day. The baby manages 2 naps. The kids get lunch, play the computer, play nicely together. I manage to clean the family room, do the dishes, and do the laundry. I can even start on deeper cleaning. While doing so I find the checkbook I looked forever for this morning. Then I find S's missing, special order, scissors. Even though I didn't say a prayer, I still quietly thank St Anthony. I am being so gracious (and while my luck holds out) maybe I should go look for E's missing ereader.

Optimism is taking over. I'm on a roll. Should I keep on the roll and clean out the pantry (the last thing on my cleaning to do list for today)? Should I start my long crocheting list? Should I do some more embroidery? Should I start a nice dinner? The baby is still napping, I probably shouldn't waste this time debating what to do.  Maybe I should just nap too.

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