Monday, August 22, 2011

Wanted: Executive Assistant

In years past there was no term "stay at home mom" because women didn't work. Women were typically "housewives". This term was easily used because women stayed home before they had kids. They took care of the "house". Cleaning, shopping, errands, as well as caring for her husband by doing laundry, cooking, packing lunches, etc were all part of a day's work. Once kids were born that job was also part of the "house". You were a "housewife" whether you had no kids or 4 kids.

Years went by and women not only went off to work but pursued much higher educations. Women worked because they wanted to work. Soon the economy changed and women had to work.  Other women fell in love with their careers. Staying at home was now a choice women made depending on their situation.  Working became the "norm". Now a mom that doesn't work is in the minority. These moms who take care of their kids all day are dubbed "stay at home moms", even if they never get to stay home. Does being a "stay at home mom" mean you are only home to be a "mom"? Are you exempt from all the housewife duties? Or does working exempt you from household duties? The house suddenly cleans itself?

A few years back a mom decided she was it all. She was an accountant, mom, housewife, and chef. She decided the her "occupation" must be "Domestic Engineer". I guess "engineer" does refer to a lot of what I do. My husband is sure I'm a laundry service. My oldest thinks I'm a bus driver. My 2nd thinks I'm a  servant, why else would you ask me for a cup when your standing next to the cabinet? #3 prefers me as a maid. The rest will go for chef, as I cater to their every culinary whim. I think the term "engineer" is accurate, it sounds very hands on.

A few years back though they calculated how much it would cost to replace a "mom". They then translated that into what a moms income would be. At a salary over $138,000 a year I think my worth must be higher than "engineer" then. I mean, they usually refer to breastmilk as "liquid gold" in the mommy circles, and here I am making it while doing all my other jobs. Maybe a better occupation for me would be "Domestic Executive"? Don't executives get personal assistants?

Now Hiring-Executive Assistant, must have; extensive project management and negotiation experience, the ability to work long flexible hours, Driver's License.  Culinary, janitorial, and teaching experience a plus.  Clean background check, driver record is negotiable.  Will consider former military (preferably Drill Sergeants).  May want to consider self defense course before hire date.  Perfect job for a good self starter who can work with lots of direction.  Department budget is small.  Salary is negotiable (I'll add as many zeros as you'd like).

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  1. When I was a housekeeper/cook for a house full of men one summer I decided my title was Domestic Manager. Making sure beds are made, toilets are clean, dinner is served on time, the fridge is stocked, that room that never gets used is dusted... I'd say that's managing.
    Executive is quite appropriate with the addition of kids. So I guess we can call housewives "Domestic Managers" and SAHMs "Domestic Executives". I like it. And those zeroes... are then after the decimal point? XD I feel like all mine are.