Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some days never seem to end

You know that day.  The day that is pretty scheduled but doable.  Today was one of those days.  I had 2 things on the schedule, Autism research and tennis.  It started at 8 am, the high schooler wasn't ready for the "bus" to leave so I offered to drop her off on my way to the research study.  On the way out the door the other two reminded me I promised they could be car riders on Friday.  This is still doable.

At 8 am I leave the house with 4 kids.  I drop one at the high school and then head to the university for the Autism research.  4 hrs later (that includes driving time) the kids are ready for lunch and we are running out of time.  I stop at Sonic for a semi, not on the "go" lunch.  Then we head to the elementary school to get S.  The middle school to get B.  The high school to get E.  I stop for drinks and we head to the park before tennis.

While at the playground 1 needs a new diaper and 1 needs to potty.  Where the heck did the wipies, I specifically remember putting in my purse this morning, go?  I finally change 1 (without wipes), 1 down and 1 impossible (they have no bathroom).  One's blister broke and she needs a bandaid.  She refuses to go get herself one, but baby is climbing the slide.  After much whining she goes to the car (with a sister) for a bandaid.  Where did the 2 first aid kits from the car go?  As the blistered one is whining, J falls and hurts his arm.  Of course he has fallen from the zip track ride.  The one I assured him he could do himself.  The whole playground thing today is a big parenting fail. 
When he doesn't appear to be getting better we head to tennis early, calling daddy on the way.  At tennis we get several a bathroom, S a bandaid, J some ice.  Daddy shows up to take a few kids while half the kids and I head to Urgent Care.  By 6 pm (after an hour of crying, a few x rays and many restless times) it is determined we have a broken arm.  Pain meds were given, a splint was put on.

We head home, stopping for dinner along the way.  By the time we are done with dinner it is pushing 8 pm now (bedtime for 5 of my 6 kids).  Again hubby takes half the kids home to bed.  I take the other half to the pharmacy for J's prescription.  30 minutes later we are finally on our way home.  After lots of uncomfortable positions J is finally asleep.  I say "hi" to hubby, then take the baby upstairs.  It's 10 pm, this day is over.  Or so we thought.  Why is your phone ringing?  Hubby has to run into work.  In just over an hour the day will officially "end", not sure if it will have ended in this house or not.  Oops, gotta go, the boy's up, he must need more meds...

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