Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ponderings of the Sabbath

As a fairly optimistic person, married to a fairly pessimistic person, you have probably noticed I say "it's all in how you look at it" an awful lot. This applies to so much more than just whether the glass is half empty or half full.  Theologians and different religions ponder, not only how the bible is translated, but how it should be interpreted. The average person doesn't even get that indepth. Instead they try to find ways to make the interpretation fit what they want it to say. Buying that 56" television isn't actually materialistic because it is a "need".  Making sure your yard is as great as the neighbors has nothing to be with coveting because the HOA requires your yard be "upkept". A white lie isn't really "lying" if you're using it to "protect" someone else.  Everything seems to have a "loophole".

Another thing you'll notice about me is that my mind wanders, A LOT.  How did I end up pondering the great web humans seem to weave these days? I was contemplating the fact that I didn't really feel like getting up and cleaning the living room today. It hit me that today is Sunday, a day of rest, so maybe I'll just crochet, sew, clip coupons, and hang out with the kids today. What makes crocheting not "work"? There are people all over the planet that crochet as a job.  Crocheting is a hobby for me, relaxing, does that make it completely different then crocheting as a job. They both are done the same way, they both have the same outcome.

This reminded me of a few weeks ago when my husband and I were debating whether we would help our ox out of a ditch if it fell in on a Sunday. Though I think the only good that came from that conversation was some bible reading. The conversation itself took a wrong turn and ended up at humorous. Our daughter was not familiar with the bible verse though, so she got to practice looking things up in the bible. Then we read and discussed a few verses.

And what became of the Sabbath? So far I'm still sitting here blogging. Sadly, noone pays me to do that so I guess it's not "work".

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