Monday, August 1, 2011

This week in history

This is an eventful week in history.  It has been 1 year since my grandmother passed away.  As L's 1st birthday approached this was on my mind.  It has been like she is telling us she is right her with us.  I was making L's 1st year video and I needed a song to finish it out.  I am glancing through songs on Amazon and what catches my eye but "You Are My Sunshine", my grandmother's favorite song to sing to babies.  It was a beautiful rendition so I got that, soon the video will be done to share.  Then, on her birthday I find that A2 has ripped the gift bag so I run to the store to get another.  Right there at the end of the aisle is a board book "You Are My Sunshine" so I had to pick that up as part of the gift.  I think I am going to pick up a special book for every child's birthdays in remembrance of her since she loved books and was always buying them for the kids.

We haven't really celebrated L's birthday because my oldest was out of town.  We did since to her, make her a cake, and give her our gift though.  We will celebrate after hubby returns from his business trip.  But yes, last year this week the midwife wasn't all that happy when, despite her best efforts because of my history, she missed L's birth.

Today is A2s birthday.  3 years ago at this very time I had an uneventful midwife appointment.  I had to resign myself to the fact I would not be having the baby that day.  Instead it turned out to be that I would not be having the baby at that hospital that day.  3 years after her much more eventful birth, A2 still has quite a spirit to her.

This week in history is a celebration of life.  A celebration of new life and a celebration of a wonderful life passed.  This week in the present is not as celebratory.  My 2 little babies grow up this week.  For the others we have school registration day.  Even though we have 2 more weeks after that, of summer, it seems like registration day is the day that reality is shoved in your face.  Summer is ending.  We have activities in the summer but the end of summer seems like it is back to the grindstone.  On school registration day we will start trying to cram things in before summer is over.  I will already start mourning the kids going back to school.  It's odd because I know so many parents who already have a countdown going.  I am not sure if and why they don't enjoy summer but we love it.

Hopefully, despite all this I'll be able to get some blogs caught up.  I have a post about our trip ready to post but Blogger was acting up yesterday.  Today I wanted to post A2s birthday instead.  Maybe you can hear our trip troubles tomorrow.

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