Saturday, February 26, 2011

(Backseat) driving lessons

I often wonder if my commentary while driving is considered driving lessons for the kids. "Do you not know how to merge?" can open up conversations on proper merging, right? "If you come to a complete stop how are you going to get around the corner" is a lesson without the conversation. I gave up yelling at the other cars now. I give venting lessons to the kids instead. "When driving, if you want to move over a lane, the other
car may be more polite if you use your turn signal and don't cut them off" or "tailing a car is when you are too close to their bumper, not only is it rude and dangarous but it is illegal, maybe less cars would do it if the cops actually enforced it".

As long as you aren't cursing or name calling it's OK to have commentary, isn't it? I'm not setting a bad example, right? Though I have to question that when the kids start making their own. As we go up the hill E14 comments "if you think the road ends on the other side I'd stop not slow down". In the rain B11 says "the rain's not going to melt your car but you're certainly melting your brakes". I'm just waiting for the day when one of the others start yelling that it would be faster if we get out and walk.  At least I know they'll pull to the right, out of the way, of an emergency vehicle.  Instead of commentary there, I even having them saying a pray for the recipients of said vehicle.

They're also more than happy to play cop.  You'll never have to worry about getting pulled over for speeding if you use a GPS and have kids.  Right there on your GPS is your speed.  Now on my old GPS that was all there was so they at least had to practice watching for the road signs in order to know the speed limit.  My new GPS has the speed limit right on it.  Your driving along, watching the road instead of your speed and the alarm goes off.  Er, what I mean is the kids go off.  Mommy's speeding...huh what...the speed limits 70 and your going 72.  I guess I'll slow down now.

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  1. Yes, the other day we were behind a person who was slowing down on the entrance ramp to I-26, going way too slow. This prompted an entire discussion on the minimum speed limit on the highway, and how not to get hit in the rear while merging onto the highway :-)