Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm knot crazy

Or maybe I'm knot lazy. When it comes to crocheting I am an instant
gratification type of person. I want to start on my project NOW.
It's easy to get a project to start now. With the internet you can
find zillions of free projects to start on, I am not sure if there are better
websites but I usually just check, or
Google for what I am looking for . If you want something specific that
isn't vailable free there are plenty of patterns to buy on or

So with a pattern I now check my stash for the yarn. Maybe that's why
I keep a stash of yarn, so I can start any project instantly. Of
course the project I want to do I never have the yarn for so I am
dragging 3 kids under 5 to the craft store. Taking 3 kids into the
craft store does make you appear crazy to everyone, including
yourself. You end up so crazy that you buy way more yarn than you
need, which really helps keep that stash. You also buy a couple $1
crafts, crayons, toys that were on sale, and I'm not sure what else. 
$100 later I am pretty sure I could have bought a completed project cheaper.

So now I am home with yarn in hand, pattern sent to my phone, so let me
just grab my hook. Of course I have a D, 2 Es, F, 3 Hs, I, J, K, but
not a single G, the one needed for the project. So I have to check
all my other bags, the sofa cushions, the van, my bed, and all A2s
hiding places. If I'm lucky I found a hook. If not I borrow one from
my mom. The last time I borrowed one it was because I lost my H
halfway through a hat. Then, 3/4 through the hat I lose her H. So I
go to the store and buy 2 Hs, 1 for her and 1 for me. I finish the
hat and of course then find the 2 missing Hs so I now have 3 H hooks.

By the time I go through all this I really really am ready to start my
project. So I am in way too much hurry to wind my yarn into a neat
ball. Of course this works fine for the first hat. But halfway
through the 2nd hat the tangles are starting to appear. With each row
the tangles become more and more knots. But no, I still won't
untangle it all. Soon I'm doing 3 stitches per 5 minutes of untangling.
On and on I go, a 2 day hat soon becomes a 2 week hat. Yet 2 days later I
will start a new project in as much of a hurry so you can guarantee
the knot story will replay itself in a week.

From the sounds of the way I crochet so far you'd never imagine this
is how I relax. Yes, after the kids are in bed I grab my crochet bag
and pull out my bundle of knots. Of course its dark in my room
because L is sleeping in the cosleeper beside my bed so I need a
light. A reading light clipped to my shirt works well. So I reach
into my bag for that but alas a toddler found it fascinating. Maybe I
can still get a little done. But it's hard getting it done by the
hallway light, maybe I can crochet by the backlight of my phone. That
really does actually work OK until you have to untangle the knots,
that requires more light. Oh wait, there's the video camera light on
my phone. Man that thing is bright, I need to prop it up so it isn't
shining in my eyes. After much contorting I've resorted to trying to
hold it up by the silicone case in my teeth. Then I realize how
ridiculous I am being and resort to blogging instead.

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