Saturday, February 19, 2011

The long way

I am not sure if it is the fact that my kids have kept my best brain
cells for themselves, they made me so crazy I can no longer think
straight or if it is just my "get it done" duking it out against my "save
a buck", yet I always take the long way. I start off (I think) looking
for the short cut but there end up with so many curves that it is
mostly certainly the long way.

For instance, when I need to mail a package. Sure, it seems easy at
first thought, let me just sell a couple slings before hubby finds out
how many I have. It won't be too hard, stick them in a big envelope,
print postage from paypal and stick it in the mailbox. So 1 sells and
you get it out, ok, who touched this with their dirty paws, into the
washer. Oh heck, I might as well wash all the sale ones just in case.
But once dry they're so wrinkly I can't fold them so off to iron. By
then a whole day has passed and another sold. Of course the post
office is out of the priority mail bag mailers. So where's my scale?
Once the scale is located the cheapskate in me has to calculate if its
cheaper as regular or flat rate priority. Of course none fit in the
small flat rate box. And now a 3rd sold. Ok, 1 fits in a large
envelope but the other 2 don't. This one should go parcal post so I
need a box. Luckily I find one in the garage, all I have to do is
peal off the 1000 bar codes. Hmmm, is it worth taking 3 kids back to
the post office to get a priority box for the 3rd? Nah, I found a
shoe box. Now where's the tape? Didn't I buy 2 rolls last time for
this exact reason? Another day passes and we've resorted to going to
walmart to get more tape. Ok, weighed, packaged, taped but alas this
one won't fit in the mailbox. I could schedule pickup but I'm already
2 days late mailing it so off we go to the post office again anyway.

I am pretty sure, after all is said and done, we spent $5 in gas and
tape to save $3 by not using the priority mail flat rate box. And we
most certainly did not save time by printing the postage at home. Oh, and
another just sold


  1. Um, well, congrats on sellng so fast! :)

  2. I'd start stating that I have ONE mailing day per week and all items sold between those days would be held until my next mailing day so that I'm making just one trip per week. But it sounds GREAT that so many have sold for you.