Monday, February 14, 2011

My (belated) New Year's resolution

When it comes to going places I am chronically early. It's a lucky
thing since my husband is chronically late. If you add that B11 won't
leave the house until every single person is out and then she collects
her bag lady worth of stuff and gets in the car, the chronically
early usually counteracts them and at least results in being on time.

However, when it comes to my to do list, I am chronically late.
Sometimes I'm so late it's amazing it even gets done. I live and
breath according to my blackberry. There are only 2 ways things get
done, 1) if I do it right away, as soon as it's thought of or 2) if I
put it on my calendar. I've tried putting it on a to do list (one day
I'll find it), I've tried using the task list on my blackberry (and I
think I have things with a due date of 2009 on there still), I don't
even know what else I've tried, they just never work. I don't
actually procrastinate, I just am easily distracted and forgetful.
Ok, I have ADHD, does it really matter? Not really, I still feed and
bath the kids and have never forgotten one anywhere.

So, keeping in the spirit of being late, I am finally starting that
blog from my New Year's resolution. I get asked the same questions a
lot, comment on the same subject a lot, give my opinion on the same
topic, review of the same product or even an introduction can get
lengthy so I thought a blog would help organize it all. Plus there
are lots of people who just want to know how things even run in my
house so here's your chance to get a glimpse inside. I can't say all
my posts will be grammatically correct or even make sense. Half of
them will be posted 1 handed from my phone, or 2 handed but from the
carpool line but my phone does have spell check.

We'll start with the introduction the next time baby L takes a nap
since this one just ended abruptly with A2 using my bed as a
trampoline. This resulted in L wanting to eat my phone out of my hand
since the sick baby was sleeping on my chest so the phones fun backlit
screen was one of the first things she saw when she awoke.

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