Thursday, February 24, 2011

Southern sliding boards

Yes that says "sliding boards", what I mean is a slide. The first time I heard "sliding board" I was more than a little confused, "oh you mean a slide?" More than a few years later I now say "ya'll". I've even given birth to some kids "in the south" who then had speech therapy with native therapists. They very cutely think a museum is a "musAaum".

Having grown up in South Florida there were some incredible playgrounds. Many of those were in some kids backyard. Two small children who are at preschool all day will own a Rainbow brand
swingset that costs more than some people's trailer here in SC. I'm not saying we don't have those here. Nor am I saying they don't have "mobile homes" in South Florida.

I have never seen some of the swingsets I see here in South Florida though, but I also haven't recently been to a rural part of Florida, though I do think they still have some. It started when I first moved here. I saw a playhouse on stilts. Now a treehouse, there was no tree nearby. Not a raised playhouse because there was no cute peaked roof or door. I am talking about four 4x4s holding up 4 plywood walls with holes cut in them and a metal roof. The next interesting thing I saw was a swingset, well more of a swing board. It was a piece of wood nailed between 2 trees and it had swings hanging from it.  You want to talk about slides? How about a porch with a portion of the railing removed and replaced with a slide. Or a slide set down on a hill so you can slide down the hill. A slide set atop a pile of bricks organized to be stairs apparently works too. And today I saw a slide atop a stepladder. I've even seen old enclosed twisty playground slides just free standing with a 2x4 built ladder to get up to it (and that one was in someones front yard).

The thing is (not sure if it's a good or bad thing), most of these sound pretty fun to me. Come to think of it, I've never seen a trampoline with a slide coming off of it. Though I see plenty of plastic slides being used to get up into trampolines. I know that's where our Little Tikes one is now. Hmmm, that's something to look for.

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