Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking Up

Some days you know right off the bat can only get better.  When you've been up all night with sick kids but have to get up early to take kids to school because your husband is out of town, it's one of those days.  When you don't quite make it so they're late, the thought starts to cross your mind.  It leaves for a moment when you think the baby might nap.  But when the toddler runs in, naked, to wake her up, seconds before peeing on your bed, your positive it's one of those days.

Yes, frequently I am one of those annoying people with a rosy outlook on life.  Though we just prefer to call ourselves optimists.  How your day goes frequently has a lot more to do with how you look at it than with what actually happens. 

Did that day get better?  Well lets see what happened.  First the TV broke and we only own 2 TVs, the 32" set in the family room that broke and the 20" TV in my bedroom.  Sounds bad right?  Actually it is just acting haunted, it turns on and off when it feels like.  So if you don't mind unscheduled breaks in your show it's fine to watch it.  My take?  The dang thing is 10 years old and the old style TV, thankfully we now have to replace it.  You see, I'm also one of those cheapskates that won't replace an appliance that works fine.  So now we get to join this century and upgrade to a flat screen.  Not to even mention that the weather was gorgeous yesterday.  Since the weather was gorgeous and the TV was broken the kids got lots of fresh air.

Yes, I did also have 3 sick kids that day.  But since I had sick kids I didn't go to speech, the chiropractor, a playdate, or soccer.  Not leaving the house for all that meant I got to catch up on housework.  All 3 sick kids cooperatively napped the day away.  The baby even took a several hour nap while I caught some stuff up.  Plus, without soccer, I got to have a peaceful dinner at home.  Though, having also not gone to the post office I do have to do that today.

With sick kids though it wasn't all staying home.  I did run to the grocery store, not once, but twice.  I headed their first thing in the morning to get them popsicles.  A second trip was made, while B11 had her riding lesson, to get soup for dinner.  Yes, all we had for that peaceful dinner was soup and sandwiches.  But I didn't get home from the riding lesson, I still had to take B11 to and from, until after 6 pm.  With this gorgeous weather though, after we hit the store, we (not the sick ones, they stayed home) went on a hike while we waited.

What do I remember most from such a normal day?  First that the baby took a loooong nap so I got to be productive.  Second that my husband came home from his trip.  Oh wait, that sounds like I have my priorities wrong.  Um, I really wanted to be productive so, uh, the house didn't look trashed when he pulled in.  Yeah.

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