Monday, February 21, 2011

Just my humble opinion

Yes, everyone's reviewing these days.  But since I don't get paid to blog and Amazon, Walmart, etc don't pay me to do reviews I do the pay or incentive for reviews sites.  I am all for being opinionated so I'm going to write reviews anyway.  I figure as long as I am writing reviews anyway I might as well make a little money from it.  And I do mean "little".  If your going to review anyway though, $100 is better than $0, it's a night on the town (or something new that you could review too).  I've been doing Epinions for over 10 years.  I do not write reviews as regularly as I should but I have a collection of over 300 reviews already that continues to earn even if i dont write.  Add in that I write maybe 25 reviews a year and I end up making $60-$100+ a year.  I save it up and either collect it at my husbands birthday to buy him something or when I want us to go out to dinner or something.  If I did even just 1 review a week that would double my reviews to 52 reviews a year and I'd make more money.  You can find my reviews at  I also do Viewpoints when they're offering incentives, my reviews there can be found at  Like currently they are offering a $10 Amazon gift card for 10 qualifying reviews before 2/26/2011 (see site for details) and they run this on a regular basis. 

I will probably do some reviews on the blog when I want to add pictures to a review or do a comparison, things that aren't really available at the review sites.  I am sure my first one will be the Ergo vs the Ergo Sport (with some mention of some others, I am sure, for comparison).

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